"Sarah is truly a renaissance woman. Her vast experiences and knowledge of education, music, health and wellness, as well as travel, allow her to bring depth and diverse purpose to her programs. Sarah’s sessions intrigue the mind while engaging the body and soul. I’ve always felt more enlightened after learning from her and look forward to sharing space with her again."
Becca Wright, Invermere BC, Canada



"I attended a yoga, nature retreat in British Columbia lead by Sarah Calvert in July of 2018.  From the first day I met Sarah her warmth, humor and enthusiasm for all that she did was infectious.  She lead us seamlessly through yoga poses, hiking adventures and guitar sing-alongs by the camp fire. We even participated in a once-in-a-lifetime sweat lodge ritual together.  This trip was challenging,inspiring ands memorable in so many ways and I look forward to going on future trips that Sarah leads!"
-Carolyn Geanacou, California, USA

“Sarah was the consummate guide for the hiking, kayaking, yoga, (and an evening of guided free-flow dancing that I will never forget) retreat in the Kootenays. in 2017.  Sarah was very knowledgeable and centered, creating safe, meaningful, and enjoyable experiences for 13 women in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Not an easy task, but Sarah made it all feel easy. Her spirit of connection and appreciation was palatable.  Sarah was a key reason why what I experienced on this trip was so much more than ‘a vacation.’ "
- Nora Dashwood,  California, USA

"A couple of summers ago I went on a women’s wellness retreat in Nelson BC, Canada. There were women from all over North America, and some of us still keep in touch. It was very special. What helped to make it all so sweet were the guides, with their knowledge and sense of humour. One of these guides is Sarah Calvert. She led us on hikes into the old growth forest, up and down mountains, and along the trails beside the lake shores. She showed us how cool it was to do yoga on the shore in the sunshine. We went kayaking on Slocan Lake in the Kootenays, and although I had never done this before, Sarah (an accomplished kayaker,) made us all feel confident while on the water. Sometimes Sarah would sing and play her guitar while we were doing yoga and it just made it all that more special. Our last night was memorable as we all danced to different styles of music and just let loose. It was very freeing and felt wonderful. I am still doing yoga and love it and so does my body.  I look forward to participating in another wellness retreat with Sarah leading the way."
Diane BB, Penticton, BC, CANADA

"I met Sarah on my journey to Machu Picchu in 2015.  Sarah was guiding our group along the Inca Trail.  Sarah was so kind-hearted and extremely knowledgeable about the area we were about to trek.  She always made sure that everyone was well taken care of and that we all felt like a part of an amazing tribe of women.  Sarah’s leadership went beyond everyone’s expectations, as she naturally added her amazing personal touch by getting to really know each one of us. I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know this most inspiring woman.  She made my trek to Machu Picchu still to this day one of the most amazing experiences of my life."
Sher Pichler, Fernie, BC, Canada

"There are encounters in life that particularly touch us, and my meeting with Sarah helped me to become a better person. I met Sarah on a trip to Peru, where she was a guide. I loved her simplicity and her serenity! Her ability to connect with people and her knowledge of the region and culture helped make my stay memorable. For these reasons I did another retreat with her in the West Kootnays of BC, again with Sarah as a teacher and guide. This was another amazing experience. In short, no matter where Sarah organizes a trip or retreat, I will not hesitate to join her!"
Linda Proulx, Hearst ON, Canada