YOGA: to yoke or unite.

Always a seeker, Sarah has been on the path of Spirit since her early days at summer camp immersed in the beauty of nature, absorbing spiritual teachings every Sunday in the forest chapel. She began exploring meditation in her late teens, and started practicing yoga in her early 20s while attending graduate school in England. Back in Canada she went her to her first Kundalini yoga class (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) in 2003 "by accident", reading the schedule incorrectly. There are no accidents. During the mantra meditation at the end of the class, tears streaming down her face...she knew she was home.

Always a student,  she obtained her Level One certification through KRI in 2006 in Espanola New Mexico. Back in Canada she took several Level Two trainings, and since has taught all over Canada, India, Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Australia and Europe. Always a student, she finds the teachings of Gangaji and the practice of Self-Inquiry essential to her own well-being. Born to a Jewish mother and a Catholic father, she embraces all aspects and forms of Spirit, and particularly resonates with Buddhist principles and practices she has learned in her travels. Recognizing we truly are all One, her teachings and music reflect this openness and all-inclusiveness. Her personal aim is to yoke or unite her own sense of self with the Divine, and for others to do the same.

Always a teacher, Sarah has taught all over Canada, India, Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Australia and Europe. She incorporates all that she has learned in her travels and experiences from skilled masters worldwide. Using dance, music, yoga, meditation practices, ritual and ceremony, Sarah guides and teaches from a place of authenticity, encouraging her students to be also be authentic and to live their own truth and express their own "Sat Nam."

Sat Nam: truth is my name.