Masala: Memories and Melodies

by Sarah Calvert

Released 2014
Released 2014
A journey of a travelling musician; read it and weep. And laugh. This is a 74-page compilation of 11 memoirs, with an accompanying 11 songs. Listen to the song first, then read the story that inspired it, or read the story first, then listen to the song.
Sarah Calvert has been travelling the world for decades, making and performing music, teaching Kundalini yoga, extreme skiing, sailing with Pete Townsend, jamming with Glenn Hansard, hiking mountains in Peru, being a wilderness guide, dog-walker, musical theatre assistant director and life-lover. Her place of residence is currently: wherever she is.

Her music reflects inspirations from Joni Mitchell to Debbie Harry, and Snatum Kaur. She's a little bit rock and roll and a little bit yogi. A little bit jazzy, a little bit folky. A little bit bluesy, and a little bit soul. As a multi-instrumentalist, she performs on piano, guitar, ukulele and harmonica. Her soulful voice and story-telling will leave you wanting to find out more. That's why she wrote a book to go along with her last CD, "Masala: Memories and Melodies" which follows her travels from Canada-India-Hawaii and back again, exploring the human condition and what it means to be living in this beautiful world.

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