Me and Glen Hansard rocking "Helpless" out. 

As some of you may remember from the last entry, I suffer greatly from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and am grateful for some of the comments I received, from those of you who also suffer from the same affliction. Last week I had a huge epiphany: I'm only missing out on the present moment when I am in a state of FOMO, and the right opportunities will present themselves later. I'm not missing out on anything.

Last Thursday night the band Natural Mystics were playing their last show here on island and I had intended to go. They are such lovely dudes, and their mellow grooves are inspiring and tres danceable. During the day, I spent time with a fellow I was dating and we had a bit too much rose wine at lunch, followed by a beer in the hot tub on the boat: so I was too tired to go out that night. I had a feeling I should go, but decided to stay in and spend some quality time with the new dude. We spoke that night about the movie Once, and how amazing the soundtrack was, trying to pull it up on Netflix to see the opening busking scene. The internet was being finicky (welcome to Antigua) and so we ditched that idea. The next morning I heard that Glen Hansard (of Once) was at the Lime the night before, playing some of his new tunes. Man! The ONE night I decide to stay in, I missed one of my FAVE singer-songwriters...right down the bloody street! Talk about FOMO manifested; I was distraught. However, I found out from a yoga sister a few days later that he was still on island and was planning to play at Club Sushi on Sunday. 

I told my new dude that I had a surprise for him at Club Sushi and to be ready to go out on Sunday night, after my gig at Bumpkins. And so, after my gig I dropped off my instruments at home and came back into town just in time to see the first tune Glen sang; a new song from his upcoming album. We had a table right in front: literally front row centre, and I drank in the sounds of his magnificent voice and listened to his poetry being belted out, alongside his infamous Takamine guitar, replete with holes from strumming for so long. I was mesmerized. During the first break I approached him and introduced myself, asking if I could play a few tunes, to which he replied I could chat with Hernann (the fellow from Uruguay whose gig it was) about it. I did, and no problem. And so, I got to play "Helpless" by Neil Young, with backup guitar and vox from Glen himself. Then I sang backup for a few tunes  like "The Weight" which of course is one of my fave Canadiana anthem, which I learned at Camp Kitchi when I was about 12. Talk about magic. We had a really lovely brief connection, and I was shown that when things are in alignment, they will happen and flow. I had stressed a few days before about missing him, but when I relaxed and trusted the universe, another opportunity arose. 

And so, this week, I am focusing my energy on opportunities gained, instead of opportunities lost. I offer gratitude for the gifts I've been granted and I continue to have faith that good things come my way.

Question for You: What was an opportunity that you think you "missed" in some way, and how did you deal with that? Was there any redemption or silver lining by "missing" the opportunity at all? 

As always, I thank you for continuing with me on the journey and look forward to hearing from you. 

Much love and light,


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