I too have been drawn to this place of beauty and majesty of Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, and find myself falling in love with the sea, the mountains, and of course, the food. I arrived yesterday afternoon and flew into Deer Lake by way of Halifax and spent the afternoon in Corner Brook doing some shopping for our trip, browsing and eating local fare. Today was spent driving up and down the coast becoming familiar with the spots I’ll be taking the guests over the next week. It was amazing stopping in Rocky Harbour, where I recalled staying at a B and B almost a decade ago with Dad, Michelle and Nanny. What I remembered most was the hospitality and the amazing meal we had of mussels, cod and crab served to us by Norman, our host. He was about 85 then, so I’m not sure if he’d still be around, and I can’t remember exactly where his place was anyway. Instead of looking for Norman, I stopped at a local seafood shack and purchased freshly caught salmon, and a lobster, which I gratefully devoured at dinner. Tonight, my recent foray into non-vegetarianism was solidified, although I did feel a twinge of the Jewish guilt as I lowered Lobby Lobster into the pot.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 6 years since Nanny passed away, and that it has been exactly 6 years since Mum died. Man, that summer sucked. This past week was a challenge for me, as it always in on Mum’s anniversary of her death. Luckily, Michelle was in Canada, and she drove up to Midland and we spent the day eating yummy food, and reading tarot cards; a day Glo would have loved. Before I flew to Newfoundland, I spent the day with Nana; I really needed some matriarchal energy, and of course she provided much entertainment, insulting me with one liners and jesting about my lack of love life: God, I love that woman.

I’ve only been in Newfoundland a day, and already I feel as though I can breathe a bit more deeply; the ocean is so vast, the mountains and fiords so rugged, and the landscape so dimly populated. As I type sitting on my bed in Woody Point with my window ajar, I hear an accordion playing a tune, and some voices from some nearby neighbours. I feel as though I’m in a movie. It’s a pretty great movie. The moon is full spilling light into the room and the music uplifts my spirit.

Staying at Jennifer Haddow’s place here in Woody Point has been such a treat; I have been doing my sadhana overlooking the ocean to the song of seagulls. Her baby Harley and I have known each other in another life, and when I look into his innocent eyes, I see someone I’ve known. Her husband David is also a Kundalini dude, so I feel right at home. She has beautiful au naturel soaps etc. in the bath, but I’ve been unable to use any beauty supplies with the exception of Sunlight soap and hydrocortisone cream for the poison ivy that has ravaged my body. I must have got it camping on Key River, on towels or clothes, because unfortunately there was no rolling around naked in the bush…on that trip anyway.

Speaking of music uplifting spirits, I’ve decided to focus on some new music, collaborating with some new friends, with hopes of uplifting. No more of the schmaltzy love lost songs for this girl, (at least not for now) and whining about lack luster men. I want to sing about how beautiful life is, and how we should be celebrating…love lost to an arranged marriage, loved ones no longer here etc. no more! I want to sing and dance, and employ some groovy rhythms into my music. Now someone is playing the guitar and singing…for real! I think it may be Ron Hynes, or at least a dude who sounds like him. I love this province. Last time we were here, Nanny told us that we were related to Lord Baltimore, aka: Sir George Calvert a fellow who came from England in the early 1600s. The fact that my name is Sarah (Hebrew princess) and this family history just confirms what I already know in my bones: I have descended from royalty. Now, if only I could find me a prince. Or even a patron. I’d be happy with that.

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