It’s almost 20 degrees below here in Barrie as I sit in my family home looking out the window at my favourite pine tree in the universe, with our dog Anouk sitting at my feet. A perfect cozy place to be for “Family Day.” Dad and Paula are away in Florida, but we have a dear old family friend Carol staying here at the house looking after the dog. Last night as I was drifting off, it made me smile to think I was sleeping in the same room that I slept in when I was 5 years old; hard to believe it’s been almost 35 years since then. When Mum and Dad would go away, which was rare, Carol and her then-boyfriend Neil would come and look after Michelle and me. Here she is, and here I am 30 years later…family.

Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, whether it’s through music, or yoga, or just connecting with friends of friends, and I feel as though my sense of family is getting stronger. My housemate Gisele has become like an older sister to me, and I cherish her friendship, kindness, advice and Buddhist gentle ways. Sometimes I miss not having someone tell me what to do, with Mum being gone, so a note to all my female older friends and loved ones:  feel free to advise me on my crazy and full life!

Later today after I take Anouk for a snowshoe, I’ll be stopping in for tea at my friend Jen’s then my Aunt Jolie’s before I head down the highway…again: a celebration of family. With Michelle being in L.A., I feel so lucky to have so many other sisters in my life here in Ontario. I wrote about my amazing sister in my recent tune, “All I Need”…the new tunes will be recorded in May and June when I come back from my tour.

‘I thank God for my sister, she can make me smile, when I’m feelin’ low down, and I have not laughed in a very long while…’

 On Valentine’s Day I sat inside during the aftermath of the Toronto storm and finished a song called “Burn”, which you’ll be able to hear on the next album. Here’s a taste of the first verse and chorus:

‘There is a darkness, streamin’ through the kitchen window today.

Won’t leave me alone; won’t go away.

Behind the clouds, the sun burns bright, but today I just can’t see its light.

This heaviness wants to stay.

Oh but I know, I know, I know, I know…

How to shake it off.

Gotta get rid of all the fear and mistrust: make room for love.

Make room for love. Make room for love...

Burn off the worry, drop all the doubt,

Dance our demons twist and shout.

The drum of our heartbeat live through the night.

Let the music be our flashlight. Be our flashlight.’


Let me know your thoughts; I’m always open to advice and what you think.  Next week I’ll be getting ready to head off to Kelowna then Nelson to visit some more of this global family. What a lucky girl I am. Sending love to all of you who are part of the music family…

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