Today it’s April 1st, so I could have started this blog with:

“Last night I met Joni Mitchell in L.A. and she was so impressed with my new tunes that she offered to sing back up on the next album, and has invited me to live with her in her B.C. home.”

OR I could have began:

“The reason I’ve been away for the past couple of months is actually the reason why I was complaining of gaining 20 lbs over the winter: last week I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, fathered by an unidentified Asian sperm donor.” (See photo below).

But I’m more mature than that now, almost in my 40th year, and so I’ll just tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Sat Nam. 

Last week I was in Maui for 6 days and got to hang with my soul sister Alex, of the band that almost was (Masala) on the beaches and in the Pacific. Heaven. Leaving, I was a bit melancholy as she’s decided to move there full time in the next couple of months, but at least I have (yet another) great place to visit. My melancholy subsided when I arrived in L.A. a few days ago to hang out with another “sister from another mister” Jenni, and then my actual sister Michelle. We walked Runyan Canyon, did yoga in the park, saw Marty and Elaine and the Dresden Hotel, and ate great food. I’m so blessed to have so many “sisters” in my life. I remember in Grade One in 1979 listening to the Sister Sledge album with my best friend Shawna, at her place down the street. We must have listened to that record every day after school, creating dance routines, and airbanding like nobody’s biz. To this day, it holds so many fond memories. In the Mirvish show at the Panasonic a couple of years ago performing the Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding show, the band got to jam it out at the beginning as the audience found their seats. It’s just such a feel good song; I’m vowing to learn it later this afternoon on my brand new tenor ukulele that I bought yesterday here in San Fransisco. I’m grateful that today is overcast, slightly cool and rainy. A good reason to stay inside, drink my tea, strum my uke, and visit Trader Joe’s across the street for some cheap organic food. Man, I love that place.

Yesterday I had the most amazing solo drive from L.A. to San Fransisco; it was the first opportunity that I’d had to spend some time really alone in the past month. Although I’ve been loving the journey and meeting new and interesting people and catching up with old friends, I’m relishing the Sarah time today. On the drive, I suppose I wasn’t really alone; I had Joni keeping me company with her “Turbulent Indigo”, Robert Plant also serenaded me with “Houses of the Holy”, and then pulling into the city from Oakland, crossing the Bay Bridge in a thunder storm, I put on some soothing Spanish infused instrumental guitar to drive through the dense traffic. It made me wonder what other people are listening to when they drive?  Next time I’m observing some road rage, which is commonplace in Toronto, I imagine myself passing by with a serene smile on my face, sliding them a mantra CD through their windows. What a better place the world would be if we could prescribe music for downtown Toronto driving. We all know music has such a profound effect on our mood, and we forget that we can tap into altering our mental states by simply pressing play on our stereos.

What is your favourite music when you are driving? I’d love to hear your top three if you could share them with me…always loving when we can share our music with each other.

And so, I sit here in San Fran, at the home of my cousin Michael’s, with gratitude for all my family, sisters, and music in my life.

In sisterhood,


(PS the baby is actually my “sister” Sara’s baby, Julia here in San Fran. I’m now officially “Auntie Sarah”).







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