That's pretty much what I've been doing since Thursday......I just popped a pic in of me that my friend Ratul took last year. Kind of artsy non? Luckily there were no sudden bursts of electricity.

It’s hard to believe that  2012 is coming to an end; how is it that I am now 39 years old? I’ve had an opportunity to reflect a lot over the past several days; I’ve been fortunate to stay at my dear friend Andre’s peaceful retreat centre, “Lotus Heart Centre” here in Brighton since Thursday. During this time I’ve been meditating, doing yoga, dreaming, planning, singing, dancing and reading. Two gal pals came over the weekend to share quality time together, great meals, and walks in nature. With tonight being Christmas Eve, I already feel so many blessings and gifts and have not opened a single “present”. Anything else is just icing on my (gluten-free, dairy-free) cake that I call my life.

Seeing that the world has not ended on the 21sst, , I have some serious plans for the next year which involve music and movement. Our band, tentatively named, “Saria” will be putting together a three song EP and releasing it in the early spring, with hopes of being able to spread love and light and raise the vibrations….something which I believe we all need.

I’ve been talking and thinking, and then talking and thinking some more about my musical memoir, which has seemed to be on hold for some reason. Fear, inertia, moving around all the time…not sure which reasons I’ll use as an excuse, but I seem to recall the Japji first Pauri: “By thinking and thinking, nothing happens”. (“Sochai soch na hova-ee jay sochee lakh vaar.”) That is sort of how I’ve been rolling the past few weeks, months, okay fine….YEARS! However, I also am reminded of my Judaic roots and a message I have written on my vision board from years ago: “If not now, when”. And so, I am embracing all those messages and getting my butt in gear to get this book birthed. Not sure where it will lead, and although I am unattached to the outcome (gotta get the Buddhist slant in there somewhere), I can see myself doing a book tour and playing my own tunes during the readings. What do you folks think? To quote John, “You may say I’m a dreamer”, and I agree, I do have a tendancy to dream, but why not? That is the other idea for a band name: Por que no? But then, we’d have to do some tunes in Spanish, so not so sure about that one. If ANY of you have any suggestions for a name of our Spiritual Spice Girls trio, please let me know.


As of December 31st, my old email will not be valid anymore:

Last year, some of you may remember that I rebranded myself, as, well, myself. No longer am I going by, “Que Sarah” due to the fact that I was sick of explaining the pronunciation, and that several people heard me on CBC Radio introduced as, “Kwah Sarah.” So, I decided to keep in simple. I now have a lot of kindling in the way of business cards, promo shwag and the like, which are still affiliated with my former self. In the future, please send emails to I’d love to hear from you all.

A bit melancholy today with the gray sky, and the reminder that Mum is no longer with me. I mean, I know she is with me in so many ways (she gave me a really cool light show the other night….seriously), but she won’t be downing any eggnog and eating rum balls with me tonight or tomorrow. Of course as a yogi, I’m always looking at polarities, so in my moments of grief, I find strength in the recent reason to celebrate Dad’s health. He was diagnosed with lung cancer (what Mum had) over a month ago, had a successful surgery, and is now deemed “cancer free”. So many reasons to be grateful. On that note, I’ll head out shortly from Brighton momentarily to head for Barrie to spend time with loved ones. Blessings to you and yours today, tomorrow and for 2013…..


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