“Time is on my side; yes it is.” The Rolling Stones

Is it possible to go through a mid-life crisis at only 40? I’m not really sure what happened, but for the last month I feel as though my life has been turned upside-down. What once was working for me seems to have taken a turn. At the end of August I celebrated my 40th birthday amongst friends and loved ones, after a one-month long adventure to Newfoundland and back with my beau. All of a sudden, I found myself in a place where I didn’t really have a plan. I had a few gigs booked, but really wasn’t sure what the months of September and October would look like, with the exception of taking care of Dad’s dog Anouk for a couple of weeks in October. Autumn leaves and all; I'm so looking forward to the colours up north.

September was catch up month for me to see all of my specialists in the city.  I saw my ear, nose and throat doctor who informed me that it is time for hearing aids; something I’ve known (and most of my close friends have known as well) for some time. I’d like to say the damage is from hard-core rock concerts and playing gigs in huge stadiums, but in reality, it’s because of my chronic ear infections over the years. The next week I saw my foot doctor because I’d been having some pain issues after the stitches in my foot over the summer. I started to overcompensate, and began walking on the outside of my foot, to avoid putting pressure on my injured toe. Apparently I now need orthotics, which of course is not really covered on my “lack of insurance musician policy.” And so, this had lead me to feel a certain sense of getting old, which of course is ridiculous. I’m aware that 40 is not really “old” at all, and that I have the golden years ahead of me.

I’m getting ready to put out the live recording from last May, which will have a book of short memoirs to accompany the songs, and I’m really hoping that happens in the next few months so I can have them ready to rock and roll for January….just in time for my trip out west to BC to play some shows and help my friend Laura with her new babies.

Hmmm. Babies. That’s also been on the brain, as my body yells, “Last call sister! Are you in our out?” I know that would drastically change my path and how I’ve been living my life, but I feel like I am up to the challenge and contemplating a life with family. A lot to think about. A lot to ponder. And so, I think I’ll head back to my dad’s house from this little coffee shop in Barrie and see if I get any answers in songwriting. I’m due for some new tunes, and there is no time like the present. If anyone has any thoughts on, “To pro-create or not to pro-create: that is the question” feel free to share your experiences as I’d love to hear insight from kindred spirits.

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