Chateau Anand, France.

The journey started off on the right note: literally. I got to hit some notes and tickle some ivories at the Gare Austrlitz (a train station in Paris) while I waited for my train and bus connections to St. Savin near the Loire Valley. Due to the previous evening's gospel concert, I was totally inspired to sing and play gospel: and it was Sunday, which seemed very a propos. I belted out "This little light of mine" and had about 8 people join me around the piano in the middle of the train station. What a cool and unique way to bridge community. Music is the language that we all speak so I had people from Tokyo, Holland and Switzerland singing with me, swaying and clapping their hands. Gratitude to my parents for all those piano lessons.

Jamming at the Station

Once I arrived in St. Savin, Angad Singh and Devinder Kaur picked me up and took me back to the ashram; what would be my home for the next two weeks. It started raining lightly as we approached the chateau and to my delight, a rainbow appeared; directly at the end of the rainbow was the chateau. A very good sign. I got settled into my room in the Shakti House (girls' house), went for a little stroll in the forest (listen to INTO THE GREEN from the latest CD to hear why forest is SO important for me ), then made my way to bed. I had decided I would make every sadhana while I was there, which would be 11 mornings. This would be a good kickstart to my spiritual pilgrimage.

Sat Kirpal of Spain lead the sadhana in the morning on harmonium, and the good vibes were set for the day. The only problem was that my allergies were acting up and no remedy, antihistamine or food seemed to be helping. I attribute it to the baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolat and cheese I'd shoved down my gullet in Paris. Ah, when will I ever learn? The first few days at the ashram were a bit tough as I struggled with early rising, allergies and low energy. Not to mention doing a bit of work in some dusty places and sanding some walls which weren't great for my asthma. I found the strength to let the crew know that I couldn't do anymore of that work. I could work outside in the gardens, doing outdoor chores or work in the kitchen. Lucky for me, they needed some help in the kitchen to prepare for a group who would be arriving.

For me, the kitchen is my happy place. The warmth of the oven baking home made bread, having the burners simmering with lentils, veggies and curries, the mantras emanating from the stereo, the conversations and laughter with Devinder, and the constant entertainment of her daughter Pyara, who is about 12 but living in a 2-year old's body. If you fancy a smile and seeing her chant, please click here. My time there seemed to move both slowly and at the speed of light and the days passed by, one into the other in the company of fellow pilgrims, yogis and seekers.

Miguel from Arles took me on a bike ride to St. Anglin, which is perhaps one of the prettiest villages I've ever seen; nestled on a river and underneath a medieval castle. Magnificant. We did a morning trip into the market on Saturday to pick up fruit and veg for the week in Le Blanc and I had to indulge in my non-vegetarian tendencies by tasting a few different types of French fresh oysters. Melt in the bouche I tell you. Sat Kirpal brought Brad, Taylor (two awesome fellas from New Orleans) into St. Savin to see the famous frescoes in the church. It was kind of like being in Willy Wonka's factory, if the factory were a church, and you were on acid. VERY unlike any frescoes I'd ever seen in Italy.

St Anglin, France

During my time there, I had the fortune to lead some sadhanas, met some amazing women who were there on a yoga doula course using Kundalini Yoga, prepared and ate scrumptious food, and had the opportunity to continue my yogic studies. There were several discourses and lectures there by Yogi Bhajan, so I feel like I got to know him a little better when I was there. The whole reason for me doing what I do is to get to know myself better, know others better, and to connect to the Infinite. I know I can do this wherever I am really, but while I have the opportunity to go where I like, I might as well.

**Question for You: Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere in the world to connect with your own Soul, and the Infinite?"  Please email me at sarah@sarahcalvert if you like,  or just post here on my blog site. Merci, gracias and thank you for being part of this journey....

I look forward to reading and hearing your thoughts!
Much love and light,


Sarah Calvert October 06, 2014 @04:24 pm
Thanks for sharing your thoughts ladies...New Zealand is on my list, and I will head back to BC next year to build my little yurt...and connect...
Paula October 06, 2014 @03:09 pm
It's so fun to hear about your adventures! I'm pretty sure that I need to goto to New Zealand as a friend described it as it's what nature should look like untouched my humans and then there's like forests and mountains and such and that to me is the best way to connect to the infinite. May the force be with you in all of your adventures!
Sylvie Moreau October 06, 2014 @02:35 pm
Hello Darling, I'm so glad to hear about your exciting and beauty filled experiences abroad. I'd go to BC to be near the ocean and mountains to connect with my soul and the infinite... lucky for me I'm setting foot for the west edge of Canada in just 3 weeks! Thinking of you while you pilgrimage, <3.
Shanti Devi October 06, 2014 @12:30 pm
Dear Sarah, Wow! I love to hear about all your tripping around and fascinating experiences! Glad to hear about your journey and pilgrimage to Spain and walking the Camino...really looking forward to hearing about that trip as well! Enjoy it all dear Sarah! Sat Nam, Shanti Devi

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