Ah yes, autumn. I've just come back from spending a couple of weeks up north in Barrie looking after my dad's beloved poochie, Anouk. Together, we took long walks in the country, curled up and read a book in the music room (well, I read, she just passed out more or less), and traveled to visit various friends and family. This was my first "stay-cay", or "stay-cation" that I've ever had; and it was so needed. Being on the road for extended periods of time often leaves me with a question about "WHERE is my home? Do I even HAVE a real home?" I still have my little cabin in Nelson, BC, and I rent a lovely space here in Toronto, but I truly feel as though my home is the world-at-large. I'm so lucky to have opportunities to travel to beautiful places, with work, and with my choices that I make, and it's in autumn that I tend to take time to stop and reflect about where I've been.

It's also a good time to see where I may be going, although of course, those plans are always bound to change. I've come to realize that I need to recognize that I will always be somewhat "on the road" and that music and yoga will always be a part of this journey. The joy of bringing teachings and transformation to me is something that is difficult to describe; to see a student break through in a class and share this with me is gold. Equally as rewarding, is when I perform a song that touches someone, or moves them in some way. That is one of the reasons I still do what I do.

Right now, I am endeavouring to write a song about the theory "anti-gravity" that my friend Mita has created. As a former English teacher and language arts gal, the thought of writing music with the lyrics "incandescent mass" seems a bit daunting. I never really see myself as a scientist, per se, but then I see that really, that is just social conditioning. I'm always experimenting in life, to find out what is true (for me), and what is not, so in a way, I am a scientist in my own life and own right. And so, I'll continue to explore, experiment and create music that means something...even to physicists and scientists.

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