The path to letting go...writing that song...etc...etc. Ah yes…letting go…accepting all that is…and all that jazz. This week it was definitely more difficult to embrace all of these concepts related to feeling balanced and peaceful. It’s hard to feel expansive and warm and fuzzy when you’re constricted and freezing; it’s been a hell of a cold snap here in Nelson recently. My pipes have frozen pretty much every day so I haven’t had running water for a lot of the week. I had severe food poisoning for about a week, which left me feeling really low energy and worried about this whole healing the gut thing. I have eczema in my ear canal so have to use drops which plug up my good ear so basically, I can’t hear anything. Finally, I couldn’t take any more killing of mice (my roommates when it gets cold) so decided to share space with them, which means cleaning out my food pantry every few days. Everything is in boxes and tins, so they can’t get in, but I still need to make sure I clean up the poop. I used traps for a few days, but really couldn’t digest the way the traps snapped in various places on the poor little bodies…it was horrible. And not very Buddhist.


And herein lies the Buddhist concept of equanimity; where the mind is unperturbed with what’s going on around us. How to remain calm, cool (yeah, I can do that on a literal level!) and collected in the face of challenge. My solution has been Gratitude, and it’s really been saving me. When I wake up and the cabin is cold, my bedroom is warm and toasty with my heater, and my bed has an electric blanket, so I end up doing my yoga/meditation and eating my breakfast in there. I remember back to when I lived in Peru where there was no heater and the only place to be warm was under the pyramid of blankets in bed. So, I’m thankful for electricity and the fact that I have the opportunity to be warm.

Water: When the water isn’t running, I know that it will once again come back to life and I will have the luxury of having a bath once again soon. In Peru, I had a shower that dripped cold water periodically, which was really annoying for washing my hair. 

Mice: What are you gonna do? I’m living in a cabin plunked down in the middle of their home so of course they want to come in from the cold I would too.

Ears: At least I can hear most of the time; I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t hear music.

Gut: Lesson learned…again…don’t eat anything if you think it may be off. I'm still alive.  

Even writing this I feel better; the power of gratitude really is amazing. Please remind me of this if you see me next week complaining and crying.

Question for You: How do You use gratitude in your everyday life?

As always, thank You for coming along on this journey.

Love and Light, 


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