It’s pretty a propos that as soon as I decide to begin a candida-no-sugar cleanse, I get invited out to a sugar bush. For those of you not familiar with what a sugar bush is, it’s where maple syrup is tapped, and then made. My dad’s friend Ross has had this sugar bush in his family since 1906, and it’s now been passed down to himself and his nephew Pete. Dad I and had to strap on snowshoes (yes, it is April 21st) to make sure we didn’t fall through to the ground. It was a 15 minute walk into the bush from an obscure side road in the middle of butt f#*$k about 20 minutes outside of Barrie. When we got there, both Ross and Pete had already emptied all the buckets on the tree and put them into the huge vat to boil, bubble and reduce. It’s so cray cray to think that it takes 50 litres of sap to make one litre of the ubiquitous divine Canadian nectar. And, Quebec makes about 95% of the world’s maple syrup…that’s a whole lot of trees.

I’m pretty lucky that I got to check out how it’s made, and to hear the family history about the land. I’m also lucky that I got to bring home a half litre of it, so I can stare at it on the counter until I’m done the cleanse in a few weeks. Talk about will power. I decided to delay the cleanse for a day so I could eat some gluten free pancakes, drenched with syrup, before I put my body into a no sugar shock. Even more shocking however, is the fact my Dad decided to join me on the no meat, sugar, wheat or dairy three-week journey. It’s Day One, and so far so good, although he did ask if (Kraft) peanut butter would be okay, and I had to shake my head with a firm “no,” considering the second ingredient is sugar. Yikes.

I decided to hit the cleanse up after two rounds of antibiotics in the past two months. Sinus and ear infections galore...I also decided to come back to Ontario early and as I sit here in my old living room, I’m grateful to be beside my piano. My real piano that I got when I was 8-years old. I’ve written so many tunes on that thing; happy and in love songs: sad and out of love songs, and everything in between.

Last month I finished recording a tune in Nelson, which I wrote on a sweet baby grand piano in Woody Point, Newfoundland last summer when I was teaching yoga there.  If you fancy a listen to this tune called "Little Things",  then please listen here. It’s one of the eleven tracks on the new album and I’m getting excited to release it in the fall. It could be earlier but I’m away so much this summer that it will have to wait. Speaking of the new album, if you'd like to contribute to pre-sales with my indiegogo campaign, I'd be oh-so-grateful and you can help here.....

Let me know what you think about it…have you experienced little things that have been the make or break with relationships, friendships? I’d love to hear from you!

love and light,


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