“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high…”

Have you ever had the feeling that you “missed the boat?” Whether it was an opportunity lost, a late response to an event you wanted to attend, then missed the cutoff date or said “no” when you should have said “yes”? I had that feeling a couple of weeks ago when I literally missed the boat coming from Crawford Bay across Kootenay Lake to Balfour/Nelson BC. I flew into Calgary from Toronto (after a 2 hour delay), drove through smoke and “missed” seeing the Rockies due to the forest fires in Washington, then drove through rain/smoke to catch the ferry to Nelson. I got behind a slow blue truck about 10 minutes away from the ferry; I think the driver was on opium, or the car was stuck in first gear. That being said, as I pulled up to the ferry, it literally had just cast off and was leaving. Shit! Was this a sign that I wasn’t supposed to be in Nelson? I thought I’d snap myself out of it and took the opportunity to sail in a race on Kootenay Lake. Sailing always makes me feel better. We got into the middle of the lake with crazy light wind, when all of a sudden, a huge storm picked up and hail began to pelt us, along with 40km winds. I’ve never been in a hurricane, but that felt pretty close. Man. Another bad timing thing. Should I be in Nelson after all? All of these small mishaps? I”m always looking for signs to point me in the right direction, and I began to question my trip out west altogether. 

And then, in a state of anxiety, I did what always helps me (when there’s no opium around), and pulled out my red guitar. I sang a bit of mantra to soothe my mind, then went into a tune I wrote about choice; it is a choice we have to feel positive, negative, etc. etc. I then thought about what else happened since I’d arrived out west: I got to spend a lovely evening with my dear friend Cassy in Calgary, which is a rarity for her to have time. I also got to go to Golden and visit my sister-from-another-mister, Laura and her amazingly awesome kids. Two whole quality days and nights together, with a special sleepover night with four-year old Olive, who calls me, “Auntie Sarah Calvert”. We fell in love. I read her stories and I taught her to sing, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” That was one of my mum’s fave songs, and it was played at her celebration of life. Just after she died, I heard that song 3 times in about 3 hours: once on the radio, twice when I got home on T.V. on 2 different stations…a truly spiritual experience. Freaky actually. And I got to share this song with a little one whom I love so much. So, did I really “miss the boat?” Not so much. 

Today is September 11th, and when I think about the pity party I was throwing for myself that day on the ferry, I’m a bit embarrassed. So many people lost their lives, families ruined, destruction prolific. I had a great chat with my sister yesterday on the phone, and she’d happy and healthy, as is my dad in Ontario. Nana is still rocking and rolling at 96 and I’ll get to visit her at the beginning of October. I sit on a deck in Nelson overlooking the lake, sipping tea and working with a good friend, who is also blogging. I’m grateful. I’m fortunate. I hear the birds chirping and see the lone osprey leave his nest in flight. There were no boats missed. It’s just a change in perception and a change in my perspective.

I just finished reading a great book by Gretchen Rubin called, “The Happiness Project” where she takes a year to make resolutions that might make her more happy. All of these resolutions took place at her home, she didn’t go to a retreat in Bali or spend a year alone near a lake. She remained in New York City and made shifts there. I’ve vowed to make some resolutions about how I choose to interpret signs and happenings. If I missed the ferry, it wasn’t the end of the world; it gave me time to go for a walk after hours in the car. Yeah, so the drive was smokey, but it was a hell of a lot worse for those in Washington who actually lost their homes. 

Next time I miss a boat I’m going to say, “thank you” and choose to look for something good that came out of it. Here’s a taste of a new song I’m working on called, “I Choose.” Let me know what you think:

I choose love and compassion. 

Let them be my reaction.

When I’m faced with people who hold anger and pain,

I hold them in my heart and hope that they do the same.

Yes I choose love.  

I choose joy and abundance.

When I get caught up in sadness, desires and wants.

Open up my heart, let gratitude flow,

For every place I’ve been and every person I know.

Yes I choose joy. 

Question for You: How do you deal with situations where you feel you “missed the boat” and what gets you out of that negative way of being? 

As always, thank you for coming along on the journey and sharing who you are and your thoughts.

Much love and light,


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