Okay, so I remember not so very long ago writing about luck, and how I'd get annoyed when people would tell me that I was lucky because I got to live in Antigua for the winter, Peru in the summer, and cruise around Spain and France or wherever in the fall. I was annoyed with the whole notion of "luck" and usually respond with the fact that I'm not actually playing any lotteries here (which entails having luck), but I'm making choices in my life, booking flights, booking shows and yoga classes/workshops. I don't get to do anything: I choose to do what I'm doing. 

That being said, I will say that a couple of weeks ago, I got lucky...not that kind of lucky, so please get your heads out of the sewer if you will. I had just spent a morning with my Kitchi friend Mary, taken her daughter Jaz (whom I absolutely adore) to Pigeon Beach, and finished a fabulous Acro Yoga session with Ivanna. We headed over to Catherine's where I got to listen to my fave band, the Sound Citizens, grooving up a storm, and met up with more beloved gal pals like Munju and Lucy. I brought out my poi and spun them round as I danced on the beach, with the sun setting behind me. What a way to spend the day. It got even better; a tall silver haired man approached me and we started chatting. That chat by the water's edge was the beginning of a really beautiful connection. Later that night I played music and did some skits/acting in the Follies show at the Yacht Club, which involved a ridiculous amount of fun, and wine. Apres show, I met up again with the Silver Fox (in actuality his name is Matt) and we had a lovely dinner, followed by a little boogie at the Lime (the word "lime" in Antigua actually is used as a verb to mean hang out, as in, "do you want to lime tonight?). So yes, we limed, and then continued to lime for the next couple of weeks. Yup. I dig him. Will we continue to lime and hang out apres Antigua? Who knows, but I do feel as though I had a bit of an epiphany when one of my friends told me that I was so lucky to have met a dude. At first, I thought, well, it's not really luck, and I actually had been dreaming of this guy for months, and so I think that I manifested him (yes, here's the yoga hippie vernacular!). Then, I thought about it a little more, and realized that it was a bit of luck, that this guy happened to be on the beach at the same time (he was supposed to fly out the next day but changed the plan), but it was also the fact that I was just doing what I loved that day. I have friends who have moved to large cities in order to find a mate, after living in small towns that they've either outgrown, or can't seem to find a real connection. I also have friends who complain that they never meet anyone worthy of dating, but then when I ask them what they are doing, they tell me, not much. Going to work. Coming home. Watching movies. etc. etc. I know winters in Canada basically consist of that, but I really feel that it's because I keep doing what I love (yoga, dance, music etc. etc.) and that makes me more open and receptive to meeting kindred spirits and creating new possibilities...including meeting a handsome man on a random enchanted afternoon.  I also know that when I'm in my flow, so many opportunities arise...financially and spiritually. I'm in my flow when I'm outside sailing, swimming, skiing, hiking, yoga-ing, dancing and sharing experiences with like-minded peeps. 

So this week, I'm thinking about what it means to be in my flow, and I'm also thinking about being at the right place at the right time, where luck can intervene. All I know is I'm going to keep on doing what I love and continue to see what happens in the meantime with this new fellow who has entered my life at the right time. 

Question for You: When do you feel most in your flow, and what are some "lucky" things that have happened to you when you are in this place?

Much love and light, 

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