Well, this is the question I’ve been asking myself as of late due to recent plans changing, aka: life. Once again, this gypsy is seeking direction of flight. Although many think I’d be crazy to migrate north to the land of ice and snow, something is beckoning me there. I’m loving my time here in Antigua playing music and teaching yoga, but know that my visa renewal is coming up and I’ll need to make some decisions about where to go next. My memoir project is coming along slowly and I really need to be making some more progress with the writing and editing. The tracks are mixed and ready to be mastered, but for some reason, I’m suffering from inertia to get the darned book done! Any thoughts or suggestions from my writer friends out there would be so helpful and I’d be grateful!

When I first got here, I had 3 gigs per week, but due to some unforeseen circumstances (i.e.: not being able to get a piano for a piano gig…that makes it difficult), I’m now down to one gig per night a week, and will be teaching 2 yoga classes a week. Is this enough reason to stay I wonder? I know that Toronto is not really an option (not only due to ice and snow, but because I no longer have a place there!)

I know the Camino beckons in the spring and I look forward to that, but for February and March, I need to be productive with getting this book finished, published and printed, and I’m unsure as to the best place for me. I get so distracted easily, and with sailing just down the road, beaches that beckon, and long lunches involving vino, I’m not making too much progress so far. I know that the only one who can decide where I should be is ME, and I know that I’m using the sea and lunches as an excuse for my procrastination. So, I vow that next week, I will have the first installment of the book ready to rock and roll for anyone who fancies reading it and giving me some feedback. Ah, this journey….I’m so grateful for so many things: my beautiful friend Mary with whom I’m staying and her daughter Jaz, who brings joy to my life by simply being. My dad, who attended traffic court for me last week and got his daughter out of a $450.00 ticket. My sister, whose facial expressions and humour keep me on the verge of peeing my pants. My Nana whose nursery rhymes teach me that life is indeed a cycle. My aunts who support me and are always keeping track of where I am. My friends far and wide who are with me on this journey no matter where I am. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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