These days, the only real roots I’ve had have been the dark and gray ones coming through on my highlighted head. My hairdresser and Kundalini comrade Kim solved that issue, but now I’m still faced with the challenge at hand: where can a wanderer like me plant roots? My friend Heather in Nelson and I had a conversation last month about this idea when she was thinking about setting me up with a guy in the Slocan Valley, “He wants someone who wants to settle down, you know, have kids and plant some roots.”  I thought, I could do that, I want to have roots, but I just want the roots to be in a pot so I can take it with me to Antigua, Peru, and Spain. As for kids, if I met the guy of my dreams and he wanted to have a baby with me, and I could have a nanny to help out, then I’d do it. She looked confused, “So you don’t really want to have roots then right? That’s the whole point. Roots stay in one place. And I think he actually wants to have a domestic kind of wife who’ll stay at home. I don’t think he’s the dude for you Calvert.” Maybe so. Maybe so.

Roots: I’m ready grow some, or plant some, or whatever it is that you do to put all your stuff in one place for a while. I’m having visions of a yurt in Nelson: “The Yoga Yurt” perhaps. Or something like that. I’m ready to start creating the retreat I’ve dreamed of, AND ready to shift my music focus into doing more mantra and devotional tunes. Maybe it’s my mid-life crisis (although I think I’ll live ‘til I’m 100) or maybe it’s just I’m feeling inspired by others who are doing the same thing. Sometimes I question what I’m doing, where it is I’m going (which changes all the time!) and even though many people say how they envy my lifestyle, I do think the grass is often greener, somewhere else. That somewhere else, being a place to call one’s own.  Or, that somewhere else which incorporates having a husband, or a baby, and a real sense of purpose. I’m still figuring out what my purpose is. First and foremost, I want to serve. For me, that means teaching yoga, helping people transition into death (sounds, morbid I know, but really it’s not), and create music to get people thinking, smiling, laughing, crying, and MOST of all, these days, DANCING. So, I’m en route back to Nelson next year to make a place to hang my hats, touques, ski poles, guitars and yoga mats.

I’m interested in the whole idea of planting roots and how that works for free spirits; I know MANY of you are free spirits, and I want to ask you: What does the idea or notion of “roots” mean to you? Looking forward to listening. On that note, I have to go and finish packing my bag; I leave for Peru in about 8 hours. ALMOST ready to plant the roots. 

Much love and light,



Sarah Calvert May 26, 2014 @11:18 pm
That is so well said Di.....I love your words and value your opinion. xo
Tangerine Swing May 26, 2014 @02:16 pm
Perhsps your purpose is to plant the seeds for othets to have roots.... xox
Delora May 22, 2014 @10:37 pm
I enjoy your music, your writing and your spirit...I believe the spirit can be free no matter where it's housed and children are the ultimate earthly expression of your spirit manifesting God. Safe travels _/\_

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