Aloha...this is the view from our back porch this morning I'm celebrating a Happy Canada Day in beautiful Hanalei Hawai'i with some fabulous Wild Women from both Canada and the States. . Yesterday we hiked the Napali Coastal Trail and then frolicked and snorkelled in the turquoise waters of Ke'e Beach. I'm so fortunate to be able to travel this huge wild world, especially in the company of fellow adventurous women.
Last week I was in Bancroft Ontario attending the Grail Springs Lady Faire, where I met inspiring women who are artists, activists, healers, shamans, teachers, mothers, spiritualists and all around: rad ladies. I'm always astounded by how much I really don't know, and am grateful to be surrounded by women who empower me and teach me to always learn and grow, by sharing their stories and experiences. Just before I left, I had the honour of going to Massey Hall to see the Canadian icon Joni Mitchell who actually sang a few songs, one of which being, "Woodstock", which touches my heart as Dad was actually THERE at Woodstock. Talk about a rich life.

Today we'll be heading out to an organic farm for lunch, and then outrigger canoeing later this afternoon, before we watch the sunset at Hanalei Bay; I really have to pinch myself this my life? And then I think about how some people say how "lucky" I am, which of course to some extent is true. BUT at the same time, I feel as though I seek opportunities (i.e.. connecting with my boss Jennifer two years ago) that will allow me to have this life. It doesn't take luck to book a plane ticket, take a risk with love or with life, or to make choices that go against the grain, but it does take courage, and without bragging, I think I have that courage. This week, I encourage these beautiful women to step outside their comfort zones to experience new awakenings: yoga, surfing, stand up paddle boarding...the lot! It's with this sentiment that I encourage all of you beautiful readers, friends and family to step outside your comfort zones, reach into your souls, gather some courage, which we ALL have, please let me know how it went by dropping my a line at:

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