Jamming out at Kaslo Jazz...


I’m sitting here under my duvet looking out of my window with gratitude as I gaze at the sky. The sky that I can actually see, and haven’t been able to see in many weeks due to the oppressive smoke that has been blanketing our province for the past month.

So far this summer, the theme has really been “going with the flow”, and once again, I’m reminded that the best laid plans...you know the rest. I had a couple of amazing opportunities to perform at two of my fave festivals here in the Kootenays: Starbelly Jam and Kaslo Jazz Fest etc. I guess I fell into the “etc” part with my mantras. It was a learning experience to play accompanying yoga teachers during a class, and really had to go with the flow and figure out how my new performance rig works. I realized that using my looper with a PA was great at home, when it was just me, but with a teacher talking, we had to re-jig what that looks like, to make sure that I didn’t record and loop her voice as well. We figured it out and had her voice come through a far speaker, away from my speaker/monitor.

At Kaslo Jazz, there was a fantastic trio from New York called Too Many Zoos, who were outrageously dynamic, entertaining and...loud. They were playing on the MainStage at the same time that I was playing on the smaller workshop stage with the yoga class. And so, instead of doing a whole battle of the bands thing where I would be totally clashing with their music, I kind of jammed with them by finding what key they were in, using their tempo, then cutting it in half, and chanting on top of that. It was sort of like punk-rock-mantra. I slowed it down...I went with the flow...and it worked.

This week, I’ve been having to go with the flow a lot as I was in Invermere hanging out with a friend and helping with his kids. As someone who does not have kids, this was a true eye-opener. You make a plan to have a tea with a friend, but then the kid feels sick and has to stay home. Plan B. Lots of Plan Bs seem to happen when you have kids it seems. I applaud all of my parent friends, and also have gained new perspectives on how difficult it is for you to juggle your friend life with your family life. Bravo! I was unsure that my friend (the parent) would be able to return on time as she was in Hawaii with the hurricane biz. I was unsure about running my retreat this week with all of the smoke. Literally, everything was up in the air. I almost drove to Cranbrook and got on a plane to head east to escape the smoke and panic. But stopped. Took a few deep breaths and slowed down. No need to act in haste, just reassess in the morning. I got in the car and drove home listening to Eckhart Tolle and felt more at peace.

Upon returning on Sunday night, I was greeted by rain and yesterday morning I awoke to blue sky and sunshine. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I said to Spirit. I’ve changed up the venue of our kayaking day and brought in some extra activities, should the weather change again, leaving us spending more time indoors. At the end of the day, I see time and time again, I can’t control anything, and all I can do is adapt to each moment with grace (I fall off the wagon with this one, but hey...I’m human). I’m looking forward to giving my group of women a beautiful and rich experience. Will it all go to plan? Not a chance. And there is beauty in that.

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