Here is sit at a friend's beautiful home in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, where I am overlooking a vast array of greenery, swaying in the breeze beneath the gray skies. I actually am not minding the lack of sun over the past few days (with the exception of Monday's storm in Moncton, which rendered us unable to continue to Halifax). The landscape here on the ocean seems to call for mist and clouds. And, the beginning of our trip was unbelievably hot as we left Toronto in plus 40 degree weather.
We left last Wednesday and headed out on a KTM 950 adventure touring bike; my beau and his dad managed to rig up the passenger seat to create a faux backrest and gave me some more cush under my rump. Seeing as this is my first trip, and I had only been on the bike for about an hour in total before we began our journey to Newfoundland, I had no idea what to expect: probably a good thing. I had friends telling me I was nuts and why wouldn't I just fly out to be there in 4 hours, as opposed to over a week long roadtrip? Why? I enjoy the journey...even if it means that I'm mildly (or extremely) uncomfortable at times.
On the trips I lead with Wild Women, I'm always encouraging our participants to step out of their comfort zones, whether that be surfing, kayaking, hiking; all the things I do and just take for granted.  I had to ask myself when was the last time I really, I mean REALLY put myself out of my comfort zone? This trip for me was the epitome of this kind of challenge: a trip on a motorbike across the country, with a boyfriend whom I haven't really spent that much time with so far. As you all know, I'm used to a lot of alone time, and the thought of being strapped on the back with one person (no matter how much I love him) was daunting. However, I'm so glad that I got on the bike and faced my fears. It's been exciting. exhilarating, exhausting, and expanded my sense of self and what I thought I was capable of. My relationship has grown in many ways; it's amazing how well you get to know someone when you are literally attached to each other for days on end.
A few highlights have been a lobster BYOB supper in Maine, cruising the rolling hills of Vermont, dipping in rivers to cool off, crashing a Hillbilly Country music Sunday jam and singing a couple of tunes(see photo above), more lobster in Nova Scotia with dear friends and meeting up with my roomie Gisele from Toronto, here in Mahone Bay. The list will continue as we head to Shelburne tonight, Halifax tomorrow, and The Rock on Monday where my honey will drop me off at work in Gros Morne Park where I'll lead a week long adventure with fabulous Wild Women.
Until next week, sending you love, light and encouragement to you all to metaphorically jump on a bike, and get out of your comfort zones at some point this week!


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