Happy Thursday friends and fam, here's the recording of one of the new tunes called Keep On Movin'

Here's a little something from the memoir that goes along with the tune. Either listen to the song first, or after...up to you!

Why is it that after something really shitty happens, like the death of a loved one, or a divorce, or losing all your possessions in a fire, we’re afraid to sit with how shitty we feel? How many times have we not listened to our bodies when they’ve told us to rest and slow down? I know this story pretty well, and I’d end up with an ear infection, and then beat myself up with, “Man, why didn’t I just listen to myself and call in sick that day!”

Instead or resting and taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically, we try to keep busy, rushing around like mad from task to task, place to place, and then get back home exhausted and wonder why we’re so bloody tired.  When somebody asks us how we are, instead of telling the truth, which is usually, “I’m falling apart actually, and trying to distract myself from myself and all of the pain, loss, grief etc. etc.” we usually say, “Oh, I’m okay. I’m keeping busy”. And then the other person will nod in encouragement, as if busy is a good thing. Of course it’s good to be productive and useful to society and all that jazz, but if we aren’t taking care of ourselves, then we aren’t much use to others. I think it’s also a good thing to sit with being uncomfortable and process what’s happening, even it it’s painful.

Ways that I used to distract myself from feeling were movie marathons, or binge watching on TV series to turn off my brain. Once in a while, I think movies and quality TV are great ways to escape the mind, and go to another reality for the sake of entertainment. It’s just that when the movie’s over, I’ve just procrastinated feeling what I’m feeling, and I’m still left with whatever it is I’m trying to deny: grief, heartache, disappointment, anger. Another way I’d distract myself was to read constantly. Usually I’d bury myself in self-help books and  spiritual teachings. It’s not as bad as TV I’d tell myself, and I was actually learning something, so it must be a good thing. I found out, not so much. Some books help for sure, and I’m always buying and seeking new readings on spirituality and growth, but there’s a balance. If you don’t deal with whatever emotions you have, they come back and bite you in the ass later. And harder. 

*excerpt from Masala: Memories and Melodies*

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