Please note: the following blog was written about 2 weeks ago whilst I was still in Galicia. Many of you know I touched down in Santiago last week, however, my USB stick was giving me grief at the archaic internet places I visited. Hence, the tardiness of this post. However, we can say that my blogging is on "Spanish time" and the past two weeks will come to you next week. I have recognized on my Camino that time is really an illusion after all. And so, with this, here is my "newest" blog:

Here I sit in the small Galician village of Samos, where I´ve been sitting all day. Literally. Actually, that´s not all true, I was lying around on my bed for about 4 hours of the day, when I wasn´t sitting watching a movie, eating goat cheese with local honey and tea. I was supposed to leave this morning…in fact my backpack was ready to rock, I had my plastic bags over my socks and in my boots, and my raincoat ready for some serious action; it was pouring rain. Juan, the lovely fellow who owns the albergue, who bought me soy milk for my latte this morning saw me packing up and shook his head when he looked outside. “Muy fria.” Very cold. He then told me I could stay another night if I fancied, at no cost, because no one is on the Way right now, and the place is usually empty. The thought of staying another whole day in my own room, with a bathtub and great food inspired me so I de-robed and settled into the idea of staying an extra day. I was a bit uneasy as to what I would actually do with the day because the past 5 weeks have been continually on the move. My life before the Camino was also always on the move, staying at various places, never really settling down to do nothing. This is my challenge…how to be still.

Today was great practice. I got back into my PJs and read my kid´s book in Spanish about Mimi going skiing…it´s at a grade 4 level, which is perfecto for my vocabulary. I went to mass at noon across the street at the monastery, which is the largest in Spain, and listened to Gregorian chant and a huge magnificent organ. I walked near the river for a half hour, until the rain came again, then came back to bed. The fact that I kind of had a “home” to return to warmed my heart. I meditated, did some breathwork then took time to think about where I want to be in the world, post-Camino. A few days ago an opportunity arose to buy some land in Peru and I am pretty sure I will go ahead and buy it, and build a little home. I´ve been to so many sweet small homes and albergues or hostals over the past month that I really feel like I´m ready to plant some roots. So, I´ll probably find myself spending 5 months in Peru and a few months back in Nelson, which always feels like home to me. I´m ready.
Last week I was walking with Carole Elizabeth also from Toronto. She told me some amazing stories about her grandfather, and her father who told her, “Click your heels Dorothy, you´ve had it all along.” Mum used to make constant reference to the ruby red slippers and buy me gifts referring to them for years, so I took this as a message. I´ve had the property in Nelson for 10 years, so I do actually have a home, even though I had felt homeless for years. So the plan is to go back to Nelson and build a tiny home on the land, rent it out when I am not there, and then Peru for a few months. The homes will be small, but really, it´s all I need. The fact I´ve been existing for almost 6 weeks with 2 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 jackets, toiletries (although I am missing Epsom salts and my essential oils), 2 pairs of shoes and a neti pot has made me re-evaluate what it is I really need….not much.

This coming week is the last week of walking for me, and I am really taking my time. I mean…really. I walked 10km yesterday and stayed in bed most of the day today, while most people do about 25-30km per day. I´m realizing that really for me, I need to take my time, and I haven´t  been honouring this in a lot of ways in my life, constantly moving from place to place, country to country, project to project. Carole also told me that we CAN do everything, just not at one time. With this in mind, I breathe in patience and know that I am indeed on the right path. Music, travel and yoga are really the places where I will continue to put my energy; I´ll stay on this path, although I know not where it goes, and have faith in the journey and myself, even though it can be pretty damn scary sometimes. The fact that I don´t know when or how I´m getting back to Canada can be a bit daunting. The fact that I have so many beloved friends and family members make it less daunting. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me, and I send you all much love and light as the end of my Camino approaches. I´d so love to hear from you…

Question for You: How do you keep your faith when facing uncertainty and not really knowing what is coming next?

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