Mi casa en Pisac: where I sat typing....not too shabby.

“I don’t want to wait in bain for your love”.  Bob Marley a la Cusco band.

Since my arrival in Peru a few weeks ago I feel like I’ve fallen in love so many times: with the people I’ve met, the mountains, the fresh fruit, the dancing, and the music. Not just the Andean pipes, which of course is pretty cool and soothing, but with some of the acts I’ve seen in Cusco. The band I saw last week was awesome, and I had to laugh at all of the pronunciations. There isn’t really a sound for “v” here, so some of the tunes were pretty funny. I lasted one week at school and officially dropped out. To be in school for 4.5 hours straight studying verbs made my head dizzy, so I opted to move to the Sacred Valley to Pisac for a couple of weeks, speak with locals and chill. I was a bit tired of being “chilled” to the bone in Cusco when I first got here. Man. It is bloody cold at night; I had no idea. The hostels are not heated, so it was me and three hot water bottles: a perfect ménage-a-trois.

Staying at the Healing House (which a dear friend now coins the Happy House) was pretty great, despite the chill. I traded Kundalini Yoga vocabulary with a teacher from Chile, and actually (tried) to teach a class in Spanish. It made me realize that maybe I should have stuck school out a bit. Here in Pisac I’m meeting people from around the world and speaking French, Spanish and English, which is really one of my main goals in life…to be fluent in all three. Vamos a ser. (We’ll see). I brought my ukulele with me so I’ve started to write a few new tunes; I’ll post them on my website when they are finitoed. 

It’s strange being back here in Pisac; I was here about 6 years ago, almost a year after Mum died, and had some serious contemplation time. I was so “go-go-go” on that trip that I couldn’t really stop, until Spirit intervened, and I broke my ankle walking out of a friend’s place after dinner in the dark. It forced me to be still and stay in Pisac for a couple of weeks, mostly under a tree, in the shade, connecting with the dragonflies, birds, Mum, and most importantly, myself. I’m now staying beside the place I lived in years ago, and I have been getting a bit of melancholy now and again, but then realize how far I’ve come with the grief process. Yup…Eva Cassidy sang it right with “Time is a Healer”. Today I’m nursing a nasty cold and am once again forced to slow things down; something I find a challenge at the best of times.

How has Spirit intervened in your life to tell you to slow the hell down? I’m always curious in hearing your thoughts and look forward hearing from you all.

Much love and light from Peru,


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