On the road again...from Toronto to Nelson.

My friend Kiara called me, "The Snail of the Camino" when I walked the ancient pilgrimage to Santiago last year. For most people the walk takes about a month. For me, it took just over two. That snail-like tendency is deep in my heart as I sat in my car on Day 5 of driving to BC. I was still in Ontario. That being said, the Day One drive commenced in Barrie to Toronto to visit Nana, where I had a bit of an emotional goodbye to her…everytime I leave I think it’s probably the last time I see her alive, but she keeps on ticking. You can watch her sing me a song here if you like. 

I then went to Malton to pick up Elizabeth and then wanted to head to Guelph for dinner. Unfortunately I forgot my Thule box (the big plastic box on top of my car) key in Barrie, so I headed north to Stayner and Dad met me there at the Timmy Ho-Ho’s to do the pass off. I think he’s happy to see the back side of me…but he’ll miss me a bit too. From there we headed to a little village south of Owen Sound called Chesley, where we stayed with my friends Kate and Miro; I finally got to meet her sweet little babes. Good friends. Good eats. Good times. The next morning we headed north and got on the early am ferry to Manitoulin which was the first time I’d done the trip this way. I bought myself some feather earrings to replace the ones I lost at a hostal in Peru, and was on my way. Talk about beauty. This country is so darned beautiful it makes me want to cry sometimes. I actually do sometimes cry…and did cry the other night when I was sitting on the shore of Lake Superior just north of Whitefish Bay (where the infamous Edmund Fitzgerald sank) watching the fiery sun sink into the horizon as the waves crashed against the rocky shoreline. l still think I would have been a great gal to do that Woods Explorer gig I tried to get last fall, even if I would have been crying during every webcast I’d put out there. Tears are real.  

I really need to go at my own speed these days, as the world gets faster, time seems to be dissipating and disappearing at an alarming speed. And so, this is why I’m still 2 hours east of Winnipeg, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

I’m also realizing that I am so blessed to have so many people around who are willing to share their space with me. The fact that we were on the road for 6 nights and  only stayed in two motels/cottages is pretty amazing. I’ve caught up with a couple of people I never get to see, and am now sitting at my friend Sarah’s (a Wild Woman I had the pleasure to meet in Peru last spring) cottage at Lake of the Woods, watching the remaining leaves fall from the tress and the wind stir the branches of the pine: magic. Simply magic. BC and my beloved Nelson continues to call and beckon me slowly and I look forward to getting there early in the week to prepare to meet the choir I’ll be leading up until Christmas.

Yesterday on the road we had to slow down to avoid hitting a crow eating road kill on the 17 West and to the right on the side of the road was a huge sign that read, “SLOW DOWN AND STAY IN CONTROL” which I thought was pretty a propos. Is it just me or these days does it feel like everything is speeding up beyond our control? I’m feeling it. I’m also feeling like there is not enough time to get what I what to get done, done. That being said, if time is just an illusion, then why do I feel like I”m always running out of it? This question has plagued me for years and continues to do so. For someone who doesn’t work full time, or much time (who’s kidding who people), the days pass by so quickly that sometimes it makes my head spin. I am constantly rushing around last minute and this leads to some serious stress, like leaving keys behind, taking wrong computers home (last week’s minor fiasco in Toronto) and basically feeling like I don’t have “enough” time. Not sure what that’s about but I’d love to hear your take on this. 

Time to get back in the car; more writing later. From Kenora, we blazed through until almost Regina where we stayed at a small motel in Moosimie. After almost 10 hours in the car I was almost delirious so we hunkered down with some snacks and Netflix. Next stop: Cowtown. Luckily for us, my friend and old neighbour Carrie was home so we crashed at her lovely place in the South West part of the city, right near the Elbow River. In the am we took her pooch (an unbelievably gorgeous Burmese mountain dog) for a stroll before getting in the car once again. Since we’d done almost 6000km by this point, I thought it’d be a good time for an oil change. Who knew that an oil change would be a hundred bucks…doesn’t it actually come from Alberta? Ah well….

From Calgary we headed west to Golden where I picked up a pair of my skis I’d left at a friend’s place two years ago; yes, I am still skiing on the CMH Vokls from about 15 years ago…I just can’t seem to let them go. If it ain't baroque, don't fix them I say, even if they are now considered antique.

The infamous Vokls.

I also visited my friend Laura and her sweet fam; I’m honoured to be the first person to give her daughter Olive her first real instrument: ukulele. She loved it. Pink and sparkly…how can you go wrong? The next day we headed through Revy then onto the ferry at Shelter Bay…the sun was in all his glory. After a soak at Halcyon I drove the final 100km into Nelson….Home sweet Home. 

Since I got back two nights ago, I worked all day yesterday at a primary school, and today am off to a business writing course all day. I feel like I'm in a bit of a Time warp, and trying not to get back on the treadmill of busy-ness. But happy to be home. It's about time.

Question for You? What’s your take on time? Is it just me or are things moving a lot faster? 

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and thank you for coming on the journey.

Love and light,

Sarah xo

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