Last night even more lessons were learned. One would think as a world traveler I would be conscientious about power, electricity and such. Down here in Antigua, I’ve been using my Mac everyday in various places on the island and I’ve felt like I was almost at home, with the exception of being in sundresses, sunglasses and not getting frostbite. And so it was last night that I found myself at home, with my brand new amp that I purchased in St. John’s last week, all shiny, price-tag still on (way overpriced mind you, but blame it on the shipping and the duty). I dragged it into my bedroom, plugged the microphone into the amp and was ready for a test drive. With eager anticipation and feeling almost like a kid at Christmas, playing with her new electronic toy, I plugged in the amp to the wall above my meditation table. “BZZZZZZZZZZ……….HMMMMMMMMMMM……..POP!”

Shit. I blew the amp. Little did I know that the amp I had purchased was a 110 V and the outlets in the house are 220. I vaguely remembered seeing 220 written on a small plaque in the kitchen over the counter which told us what our address was and what the voltage was, but it didn’t really register.

I waited until Mary got home to give her the bad news and she shook her head muttering, “I knew it. I knew that was going to happen.” She had meant to tell me about using the converter before testing out the new gear, but it slipped her mind. And all I could think about was how $300 had just slipped down the drain. Maybe it’s the full moon energy, or maybe it’s because I was tired after a fitful night of sleep accompanied by myriad of mosquitoes; I bawled like a baby. I know, I know, “It’s just stuff” and “No one was hurt,” and “At least nobody died”, and “It could always be worse,” but last night, as I stared at the frizzed and frazzled amp, I too became frazzled.

Luckily, I have recently befriended a local musician named Patty, who is here in Antigua by way of southwest Ireland, and is married to a lovely artist from Bracebridge. He and his band “Itchy Feet” (the name must be derived from the mosquitoes) played a soiree at the Yacht Club over the weekend, and they invited me up onstage to play with them, and we became fast and furious friends. After my tears had dried and I could muster the energy to speak, I called him and asked his advice, “Oh, that’s shite,” he sympathized, “but it happens all the time.” He then went on to tell me he’d bring me an amp to the gig, with a mixer, and would take my injured amp to be repaired.



Today, as I was getting ready, I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Patty coming to save the day. The phrase, “I’ve always relied on the kindness of strangers” rang through my head, a-la-Tennessee-Williams and know that I’m covered. I sit at my computer now, listening to some beautiful jazz piano and will begin playing in about fifteen minutes, overlooking English Harbour whilst sipping on sparkling water. Yes, I’m covered: thank you universe. Tonight I hope to break legs, and not any more amps.
If you have any stories about things blowing up that you'd like to share with me



Michelle Calvert December 18, 2013 @03:53 pm
Yahoo! The Universe loves you Sar cause you love it. Break a leg tonight and sending you love!!!

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