Me and the party. 

Sometimes it takes me a long time to learn a lesson….a really long time. Some of you may remember my blog a couple of months ago about how I made all of these plans for my
visit in Toronto, only to be thwarted by the immigration officials in Costa Rica. I recalled how Nana always said, “You can’t make a plan.” She should know, having lived through the Second World War and bringing up three kids on her own. I don’t think that was exactly her plan. 

Once again, Costa Rica plays a part in my plan-that-was -not -meant -to-be. I had booked my flight at the beginning of October to come south, and decided to fly to San Jose (Costa Rica, not to be mistaken for California, which of course, I have mistaken in the past by booking the wrong flight) to spend a few days with a certain Latin lover (whom I shall refer to as “Pedro” from hereon-in) I encountered last year. After several messages back and forth, he had told me that he’d love to see me, and that I could stay for however long I needed , etc., etc. I think he really was genuine and was looking forward to seeing me. During the month, we messaged a few times and shared our anticipation to see each other again with excitement. However, as my date of arrival became more and more real and was getting closer and closer, this excitement changed to fear for him. 

Three days before I was to leave, I received a message from Pedro telling me to change my flight and that he thought it wasn’t a good idea for me to come. He was so sad when I left in July and missed me immensely, and didn’t want to go through all of that again. He realized that he may fall in love with me should we spend more time together, and he needed to protect his heart. Furthermore, he had his four-year old for a few days and didn’t want to confuse the little one with illusions that Daddy now had a girlfriend and a potential step mother for his kid. 

I understood his sentiments of course, but really, telling me this THREE days before I was to come down was not really kosher with me. I called him and we had a good chat on the phone, and I told him that I could just come down and spend time as friends for a few days, spend time with his kid, and drop the expectations about sex, love, etc., etc. He agreed and said that I should come, and told me what shoes to bring to go hiking. I felt comfort in sticking with Plan A.

The next morning however, I awoke with a sense of anxiety and thought I’d better check in with him. I looked at my phone and could see that he was typing as I was calling. A few minutes later I read the message that stated that he had changed his mind back to his original thought and I couldn’t come to visit. He couldn’t talk to me again for fear of changing his mind and was truly sorry. I took a deep breath and braced myself for the phone call with Air Canada to change my flight. I could have kept it the same and flown into Costa Rica, but really the only reason I was going to see Pedro, and I had no desire to go back to the country that gave me such a hard time last year. 

I called Air Canada, and to make a long story short-ish I happened to get a lovely woman named Susan who not only waived my change fee, but did some magic resulting in me flying to Managua on the same day (two days from then) I was intended to leave, for only 20 bucks. Not too shabby. The angels were with me that day, and to be honest, they’ve been with me since I left a couple of weeks ago. 

I had no plan for where I’d go, once I arrived to Managua in the evening, and knew that I couldn’t move into my place on the island until the following week. I remembered a friend Penny Light telling me about her friend Grace who has a retreat centre up in the north part of the island. Her place is called GLO (Gracious Living Oasis), so of course I was called due to the “Glo" factor in honour of Mum). So, I woke up, emailed Grace and she got back to me immediately. I jumped in a taxi and headed north for 4 hours and found myself in a small paradise beach town called Apocentio. Grace set me up with her friend who Air bnbs her small sweet “Butterfly House”. It was absolutely perfect. 

In her guestbook, I saw that the guy who stayed there before me was from Barrie, and our moms had been friends. In a restaurant on Halloween, I ran into a friend I used to work with at a remote heli-ski lodge in BC. Grace and I figured out that we ran in the same Toronto circles and must have been at many parties together about 15 years ago. One of the women on the retreat bought a mantra CD and when she got back to Canada, her sister told her she had the same CD and had met me at Grail Springs Retreat Centre near Bancroft years ago. The world keeps getting smaller. I love it. 

I had an amazing nine days there, and had beautiful healthy food, taught a bit of yoga, danced on the beach on the Full Moon with amazing women, befriended several young local kids and danced salsa and bachata. The Plan B turned out to be much more in alignment with what I needed, all I had to do was trust. My sense of gratitude is profound, and I thank the universe again and again for knowing what is best for me. 

I’ve just arrived on Ometepe Island a couple of days ago, and for now, the plan is….I have no idea. But I’m looking forward to whatever comes my way.

Much love and light,


Question for You: Can you think of a time when a plan fell through, only to open up another door that was more inspiring or uplifting?

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