I can see why the Group of Seven were so inspired with this place: Algonquin Park is truly a place of subtle grandeur and beauty. As I sit in my room at Camp Arowhon, just around the corner from Canoe Lake and Tom Thompson’s cairn, I am in awe and feel so incredibly lucky to be here this time of year. To my right, out the window is a vibrant emerald spruce standing alongside a larch, whose leaves are now a pale gold. Behind them both are two maples who are bearing leaves of crimson. I watch a lone royal red leaf fall from up high and see if drifing slowly down, down, down: a magnificent death dance. That’s how I want to go out: dancing.

Speaking of which, I have been doing a fair bit of dancing over the past few days. I’m not a huge fan of running, and need a bit of cardio from time to time. A few days ago I took my iPod and danced in the depths of the forest, alone, swaying to Stevie Wonder; the phrase, “Dance like no one’s watching” echoed in my mind. The chipmunks were entertained I think as they frolicked around my feet, chasing each other and playing. I felt kind of like I was starring in “So You Think You Can Dance” meets “Snow White”.

Last night the staff from ALIVE went to an old cabin across the lake that the director’s family bought in the 70s. Replete with a cedar sauna, I had a heavenly night of sweating, drinking my first glass of wine in a few weeks due to a cleanse (yes, I know yet another damn cleanse), ate chips and got to know the staff a bit better.

I left before midnight and came back to the camp with a lot of full moon energy. And so I grabbed a tea and a down jacket and put on my dancing shoes. I went to the water’s edge and danced to my Five Rhythms mix I made a few months ago for a workshop I taught under the full moon. I feel as though we don’t moon bathe enough, and in order to tap into that beautiful feminine calming energy, we should do it a bit more. I’m not sure what my fellow staff members would have thought if they saw me cutting rug like nobody’s biz under the moon light all alone. I actually think they would have thought it was pretty cool. Although I am a bit older (or a lot older) than some of them, we share a kindred connection with love for the outdoors, adventure, nature and playing. This view here at Arowhon sums up my thoughts about that connection....

Next week I move back to Toronto after a year in Midland: has it really been a whole year? I’m so grateful for the friends I made there, the beautiful home I was priviledged to stay in, and the students to whom I taught yoga. Last year was truly a gift, as is every year really. I’m not sure what this year will bring, but I feel like it’s really a new beginning. My Jewish roots are embracing the recent New Year and the change and transformation it’s bringing. And so I say to all of you, Happy New Year: celebrate, sing and of course, dance.


Wild woman Kelly October 01, 2012 @02:50 pm
Liike you, Sarah, my younger sis and I have never been shy to dance alone. I too have danced solo on a beach under the Moon Godess - happened to be Nassau. I often get caught - no - amusingly observed supposedly gardening when in reality something African, 80's (I am a tad older the you - grew up in TO dancing at Voodoo's till 4 in the morn), Latin comes up on the IPod shuffle that just has to be danced to. Hoping you have a success move down the road. Let us know where you will be treating an audience. Always lean forward, Kelly

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